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On a Quest for Data-Driven Innovations to Fuel Sustainable Food Systems

FoodDataQuest is an ambitious initiative to promote sustainability and optimise data sharing in the European Union’s food sector. The project aims to revolutionise the food industry’s approach to sustainability, promote healthier diets, and foster a vibrant community for effective data sharing among key stakeholders. At the heart of the FoodDataQuest strategy is a series of innovative use cases, carefully designed to address key issues such as improving food traceability through AI technology, increasing sustainability in food service operations, and significantly increasing consumer awareness of sustainable options.


With an inclusive approach that aims to engage over 100 different stakeholders, FoodDataQuest is strategically positioned to refine supply chain transparency, establish and disseminate sustainability best practices, and meticulously develop frameworks for integrating essential sustainability-related data. These frameworks are intended to facilitate highly personalised communication with consumers, thereby driving a transformative shift towards more environmentally conscious and sustainable consumption patterns across the European Union.

Funding program Horizon Europe
GA No. 101134138
Duration 2024 - 2027
EC Funding € 3,999,500.00
Website fooddataquest.eu/
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Pioneering Sustainability and Transformative Data Sharing in the EU Food Sector

Use Cases

In the FoodDataQuest project, the reframe.food is instrumental in co-leading Work Package 4 and is a major contributor to Work Packages 2 and 3, with a strong focus on business modelling and sustainability planning.

reframe.food is contributing to the development of a robust, data-driven business model that will underpin the long-term viability and legacy of the project.

This model is based on thorough market research, detailing market size, drivers, barriers, user and customer needs, and the project’s expected market position. A key component is a multi-stakeholder business model to ensure widespread adoption of the framework developed, with the aim of widespread and effective use of the project’s results. reframe.food‘s role is crucial in shaping the project’s business and sustainability strategies, ensuring that the outcomes of FoodDataQuest are sustainable and widely adopted​​.