Foodscale Hub Greece entered a new era and renewed its corporate identity by adopting the new name The rebranding event took place on the evening of Thursday, July 4th at the ONOMA hotel, Thessaloniki, attended by partners, friends, and media representatives. The announcement of the new name and image was made by Grigoris Chatzikostas, who, along with Dimitris Fotakidis and Stavros Tsitouras, are the founders and continuers of a vision for the new direction of

“We are embarking on an autonomous path after our collaboration with Foodscale Hub Serbia. After four years of successful presence of our offices in Thessaloniki, the time has come to change and renew our presence with a new name and a goal to continue serving the same values but in a more advanced and sustainability-oriented way, focused on the ecosystem of Thessaloniki,” noted Mr. Chatzikostas. has been operating in Thessaloniki since 2020, implementing European programs that enhance innovation with a significant impact on the agri-food sector. Its’ philosophy is based on the triptych of the agri-food sector, new technologies, and entrepreneurship, maximizing the impact of research and innovation on the economy and society. Since the founding, it has evolved into an ecosystem of developing innovative solutions and entrepreneurial initiatives, implementing European research programs aimed at sustainable development and improving the quality of life in rural areas. In 2023, participated in a significant number of European research programs, covering areas such as agri-food, circular economy, water management, and rural area revitalization. The programs include participants from all over Europe and also address areas outside the European continent, such as Africa, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and New Zealand. aims to increase the participation of Greek businesses in European programs, particularly supporting startups and SMEs in the agri-food sector, as it also acts as an intermediary management body that offers funding to startups to take their first steps in the industry.

With the motto, reclaim the planet, plans to expand its activities by further supporting the agri-food sector and laying the foundations for more collaborations